Managing Sales Performance: Behaviors vs. Results

Sales managers live in a results-based world but their ability to achieve those results is driven by managing behaviors. In this video, Norman Behar, CEO and Managing Director at SRG, talks about how to effectively manage sales performance to get sales teams to consistently generate great results.

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Eric Carroll
over 4 years agoMay 19, 2016
Excellent presentation and information!  This would work in even an operations environment as it drives that behaviors deliver the results we are looking for.
Sales Readiness Group
over 4 years agoJune 23, 2016
Eric, happy to hear you found the video valuable. Thank you for the feedback! ^ac
Audrey Roberts
over 3 years agoJuly 5, 2017
Excellent presentation. Very useful points about KPIs and critical success factors.
Sales Readiness Group
over 3 years agoJuly 5, 2017
Thank you for the feedback Audrey!
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